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If You Are An Active Person Who Wants To Move Better, Feel Better and Perform Better, You’ve Come To the Right Place!

With a Simple, Hands On Process Called Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT), You Can Increase Your Strength, Improve Your Flexibility, Reduce Your Risk of Injury and Accelerate Healing and Recovery In Just Minutes, Without Lifting a Weight, Doing a Stretch or Popping a Pill. 

Watch this 5 minute video to find out what other people are saying about MAT

Also, check out this article that was recently written about me in my local newspaper about how even professional athletes are using the MAT process to recover from injuries and improve their performance- http://www.yourobserver.com/news/east-county/Sports/0226201432514/Trainer-athletes-improve-muscular-reflexes

Dear Friend,

What would your life be like if you could get back to doing the things you love without the stress and frustration of pain, injury, tightness or weakness?

Would your social life change?  Would you have more fun?  Would you not be as afraid of the future?

Helping people overcome these problems is what I specialize in.  My clients typically fall into one of three categories.  Read these descriptions and see if you can relate.

Type 1- You are frustrated because you have an injury or an ailment that is limiting you from exercising, playing a sport, doing a recreational activity, working, traveling, doing a hobby or getting around with ease. 

Type 2- You are worried that you are getting weaker, restricted in your mobility or otherwise physically challenged in your ability to do certain things.

Type 3- You are interested in enhancing your body and you are intrigued by the idea of performing better in a sport, getting more out of your exercise program or preventing injuries.  You also want to be as strong and as flexible as you can be and you want your body to age gracefully. 

If you fall into any of these categories than what I do will be of great interest to you.

Enter your name and email in the box to the right and you will receive an electronic copy of my recently published book entitled “Improve Muscles- Improve Life: A Comprehensive Expose on How Optimizing Muscle Function May be the Missing Link to Getting What You Want From Your Body” absolutely free (a $10 value).  This book currently sells on amazon.com and it contains all the information you need to know in order to better understand what affect your muscle function is having on your current problem and why it may be the root cause of your problem.

Enjoy the read!

Chris Vercelli  MATs, RTS, CPT

Founder- Non-Fiction Fitness