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About Chris



My story of why I do what I do began at age 16. At that time I was 9 months into a 26 month treatment for leukemia, 80 pounds overweight and in such bad physical condition that I literally could not walk 3 blocks without almost passing out. I felt like my life was completely slipping away from me.  That’s when I decided to take back control of my health through diet, exercise and living a healthier lifestyle. My body was completely transformed in 22 months.

When contemplating a career, I realized that I wanted to help other people the same way, so I began to work in fitness training while still in college. I quickly realized that many people are struggling with physical problems that restrict their ability to be active and do what they love to do.  I felt so sorry for these people because most of them had been to doctors and therapists and they were still having problems.I knew I needed to find a way to help them.

As fate would have it, I discovered something absolutely amazing that nobody else was doing. I discovered Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT).   MAT answered so many questions I had as a practitioner about why things were the way they were with peoples bodies, and it gave me a way to solve problems that couldn’t be solved any other way.  Since then, I’ve performed MAT on hundreds of people, and I’ve seen so many lives transformed because of it. I’m one of them!  Without MAT I’d probably be close to crippled right now because of old back injuries. Thanks to MAT I live an active life and rarely ever have any discomfort in my body.  It is truly a gift from God!!!

Check out what some of my clients have said about their results by clicking here- http://www.nonfictionfitness.com/what-others-are-saying/

My official bio:

In addition to working with hundreds of people of all ages over the years, I’ve also completed over 730 credit hours of advanced coursework in biomechanics, joint and muscle function, injury rehabilitation and neurophysiology. I hold 4 elite professional certifications and I am currently one of under 100 people in the world who are certified as a Muscle Activation Techniques Master Specialist.  I have been blessed to have written 2 books, to have lectured at The Florida College of Natural Health and to write articles and newsletters that hundreds of people have subscribed to and receive each week.  I’ve had feature articles in The Bradenton Herald, The East County Observer and Totally Tennis Magazine and I have been interviewed on ABC 7 News, Great 38, SNN and WSRQ Radio.  In addition to working with many active seniors, I am also a MAT provider to professional athletes on The Pittsburgh Pirates and The Baltimore Orioles.  In my spare time I love to play sports and spend time with my wife Andrea and our son Christian.


The Non-Fiction Fitness Corporate Vision:

At Non-Fiction Fitness we aim to make as big of an impact as possible in the current epidemic of musculoskeletal problems sweeping across America.  According to a recent Mayo Clinic study, nearly 6 out of every 10 doctor visits is made due in part to a musculoskeletal problem like back pain, neck pain, joint pain, muscle strains, arthritis, and other ailments affecting the muscles, bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, fascia and bursa.  Problems in these areas affect 10’s of millions of people in America each and every day and it is only getting worse despite new medical innovations and technologies.

We believe this is because many of the root issues of these problems are never found or properly addressed by the common medical approaches to these problems.  This is why our entire approach centers on addressing deficiencies in people’s bodies that lead to the formation of these types of problems.  This helps us get to the root of these problems and once addressed, allows the body to have greater ability to heal, recover and prevent future problems.

Our ultimate vision as a company is to completely change the way society fundamentally views these types of problems and subsequently change how we choose to deal with them so that we won’t have to be in bondage to pain, injury and subpar physical performance again.

As our name suggests, we pride ourselves on being purveyors of honest, scientific, “Non-Fiction” advice and strategies to help people achieve these goals and maintain their new found health and fitness status.

We operate with a multi-tiered, approach to helping people.

Tier 1- Providing free or virtually no cost information to thousands through our books, our email and print newsletters, our videos, our blog articles, our seminars and workshops, our newspaper and magazine articles and our television and radio interviews.  

Tier 2- Providing personal consultations and comprehensive evaluations to help uncover root issues behind the physical problems people are experiencing.  

Tier 3- Providing services and coaching via ongoing relationships to help people correct these root issues, solve physical problems, achieve their health goals and maintain optimal health and function over time.

We seek to open people’s eyes to the realities of what is actually creating their physical problems and help them every way we can to resolve those underlying causes rather than just help them deal with symptoms.  This goal is grounded in the reality that each human body must be properly stimulated properly in order to adapt and improve in its mechanical capabilities (strength, flexibility, movement quality and resistance to injury) which then leads to an improved ability to heal and recover from injuries suffered and from various types of musculoskeletal problems.

We also seek to educate people about the choices they make and how they affect the mechanics of their system.  This includes everything from the inflammatory effects of the foods they eat, drugs they take and stress they cope with to the physical effects of the activities they choose to partake in.  In bringing these truths to light we can create a better understanding that good health of any one part is a result of good health of many parts working together.

Above all our mission is to get the body to work the way our Creator intended it to work and to bring honor to Him in the process.  When that happens, only good things follow.  We are grounded in the belief that as we help others in this way, we become the hands and feet of a loving God and help Him achieve His goals of tangibly demonstrating His incredible love for each person.