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An Innovative New Study On Lower Back Pain

Hey! I hope you’re having a great weekend!

I’ve got some pretty exciting news. Non-Fiction Fitness will be launching our first official research study beginning in about 30-45 days. Here’s the scoop:

According to statistics over 13.4 million people in just the U.S. alone suffer with lower back pain. This is the second most common reason why people see a physician, closely trailing the common cold and flu. It is also one of the most difficult problems for doctors to treat and because of that, people can often suffer with it for many years with no meaningful improvements.

In the past 10 years I’ve worked with hundreds of people in my practice and a great majority of them suffered from lower back pain. In that time I’ve noticed that in most cases, muscular weaknesses were a part of the persons lower back problem, and very often when the weaknesses were addressed and properly strengthened, the problem would get better and sometimes go away completely.

Although I have seen this happen in many people, it could not be considered scientific research data because I did not have a way to actually definitively measure the improvement in muscular strength and function to quantify the amount of strength a person gained while on my program. However, now I do.

Recently I’ve made a 4 figure investment into my practice by purchasing a device that can definitively measure strength of various muscle groups. This allows me to put a numerical value to what I know is happening when someone gets stronger following my program. Now that I have this device, I can conduct true scientific research. Here’s how I am going to begin.

I’m looking for a minimum of 50 people that have had lower back pain for at least 12 months and have not had surgery. These people will be measured for their strength in certain muscle groups that protect and stabilize the lower back and I will be looking for commonalities.

Once identified, they will be placed onto a 4-6 week home exercise program, specifically targeting the weaknesses that we’ve found. Once completed, strength tests will be repeated to measure changes.

We are looking at the direct correlations between the two variables- lower back and pelvic muscle strength and lower back pain. I want to know exactly how much pain changes when strength changes by 10,20,30,40 percent or more. This will allow me to publish the findings and create home programs that others can follow who may not be in a position to see a practitioner often enough to get the results they seek. If the study ends up the way I am predicting, this could greatly impact how we treat this extremely common and often debilitating problem.

If you or someone you know would like to be considered for the study, please email me at Chris@NonFictionFitness.com or reply to this email. We will have a group presentation to explain the exact details so you can then decide whether participating in the study will be right for you.

Thank you for your help in advance! Please help me spread the word.


Chris Vercelli MATm, RTS, CPT

Founder: Non-Fiction Fitness

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