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Videos to Help You Learn How to Move Better, Feel Better and Heal Faster

An 82 Year Old Woman Did What??!

Today is a special day for me. It is exactly 22 years since I was diagnosed with leukemia and essentially told, "get treatment or die." It took 26 months to get through the entire chemotherapy regimen. By the grace of God, I made it through alive and I have never had a relapse. Whoo-hoo!!!!

If you know my story, than you know that exercise helped turn my life around. Before I began to exercise, I was getting weaker and weaker, sicker and sicker, and...

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More Powerful Than Drugs, Experts Say

This week I had the pleasure of giving a lecture on exercise for a group of close to 50 seniors. These lectures are always invigorating for me because as I'm doing them, I feel so grateful that I get to share truly LIFE changing information with people and call it "work". I also love sharing my own personal story of how exercise changed my life as a teenager battling cancer. That always seems to connect with people and it takes my gratitude to...

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Want Healthier Shoulders? Do This..

How do your shoulders feel right now? Do they feel tight? Stiff? Achy? Weak? Vulnerable? Hopefully not, but if they do I've got good news for you- this can change very soon.

I'm excited to announce that I am nearing the completion of my very first online rehab program. The area of focus is on, you guessed it, the shoulders.

Having worked with hundreds and hundreds of people over the years to help them resolve various orthopedic issues, I've...

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I Tried This Today and I Liked It..

For years I've heard various people say that they benefit from Epsom salt baths. But.. since I've never been much of a "bath person", I didn't get around to trying it until today.

I have to say I really liked it. I stayed in for about 30 minutes and my body got more and more relaxed as time went on. Then I went to the gym afterwards and played two games of full court basketball. I was surprised that my left leg, which...

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Free Resource: Fitness For Life TV

Early this year I was in my office brainstorming about what I could do to serve my clients better.  As I did, an idea came to me for an online video channel that contained short videos containing information that would help them get better and faster results from their program.  As I contemplated whether I could do this, I realized that the time it would take to film, edit and upload the videos would be more than I could...

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The Story I Told to 1 Million People on Television

Earlier this month I was featured on a National Television show for the first time.  The reason they put me on was so I could share the story of how I met Dr. Paul Hambrick. You probably have no idea who that is, but to me, Dr. Hambrick was a Godsend.  Here’s why.  In March of 2007, I was beginning to sense that I needed to put more focus on my Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) practice and less on my personal training practice,...

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Study Showed a 60% Reduction in Pain by Doing This…

Recently I was asked to give a lecture on how exercise can improve joint health and reduce pain. Many people don't realize it, but proper exercise is actually one of the most effective tools for doing exactly that.

Today I came across a great article that summarizes some of the research done on this topic and it is astounding what has been discovered. According to study, exercise works on several different levels. For instance-

The movement and the...

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