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Interview With Kelsey

Recently I did an interview with one of my clients, Kelsey Abbott, who is a high level competitive triathlete.  Kelsey battled back and shoulder issues for years that kept her from being able to train and compete at her best. She tried every type of therapy she could find, but the issues remained. She says that activating and strengthening her muscles has made a world of difference.  She now trains and competes at a high level again and she even got first place in one...
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Weight Training May Help Ease or Prevent Depression

Lifting weights might also lift moods, according to an important new review of dozens of studies about strength training and depression. It finds that resistance exercise often substantially reduces people’s gloom, no matter how melancholy they feel at first, or how often — or seldom — they actually get to the gym and lift. There already is considerable evidence that exercise, in general, can help to both stave off and treat depression. A large-scale 2016 review that involved more than a million people, for instance, concluded...
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This PGA Tour Winner Swears By MAT

Ever have one of those days where you get so busy and caught up with things that something you intended to do doesn't get done?  That's what happened to me yesterday. After Sunday School, I went home, ate lunch and then did a multi-hour home session with a woman who was in too much pain to make it into the office.  I had about an hour when I got home to compile my list of things I wanted to write about and then I had a...
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The World’s Most Powerful Medicine, An Effective Way to Fight Depression and a Few Miracle Stories To Help Inspire You

Right now, I'm counting down the minutes until game 2 of the NBA Finals.  Every year I look forward to watching the two best teams in the world play my most favorite sport, and today I even got to join them. Well, I wasn't exactly playing in the NBA Finals, but I did play game 1 of our Sarasota County Summer Adult League.  Although we lost a close game, I left the court today so thankful, reminded of what a gift it is just to be...
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An Underdog Story, a Way to Quickly Relax, and a Plant That Is Proving to be a Remedy for Over 32 Diseases and Counting

Recently I made it back onto the golf course after a pretty long layoff and naturally this made golf a topic of conversation with a few of my clients this past week.  One of my clients, Carol, and I were talking about golf, and I happened to mention to her that in the fall I had worked with a local golfer who had won the All-Area Player of the Year Award despite having an abnormal curvature of his spine known as scoliosis. Carol said, "that reminds...
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Overcoming the Voice of Discouragement

Ever been in a situation where you hear a voice in your head telling you all the reasons to quit something that you know is good for you?  Maybe you have an ailment that’s bothering you and you’ve had a hard time staying patient with the process of rehabbing.  Maybe you’re unhappy with your fitness or athletic performance and you’ve struggled to stay consistent with exercise and healthy eating.  Maybe you’ve been trying to make some other change to your life and you’re frustrated that...
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A Few Victory Stories and More..

Don't you hate being sick?  Me too. Last Wednesday I suddenly had a tickle arrive in my throat and by Thursday, it had turned into a mild cough and congestion.  Friday wasn't terrible but yesterday morning I felt like I had a full blown cold.  I went through more tissues than I can recount by noon and it was starting to look like there was a chance my weekend was going to be derailed by it. Of course, I'm pretty militant when it comes to taking care...
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New Study Shows This Spice Can Boost Memory and Mood

I've come across some pretty interesting articles over the past few weeks that I thought you'd be interested in. This one comes from Dr. Don Colbert, M.D. and it is about the new study that revealed some additional benefits of taking this powerful anti-inflammatory spice. Check it out by clicking here- This Spice Can Boost Memory and Mood   Another article that I found quite interesting was published by NBC News about how this under-performed type of exercise can (in addition to benefiting your body...
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Natural Healing Secrets Revealed…On One Page

Today's topic was inspired by a precious woman named Joanne who began working with me this past week.  Joanne was referred to me by a friend of hers because she has been having serious back and shoulder pain and hasn't been able to find the thing/s she needs to do to get better.    Once my evaluation was complete, I sat down with her to explain my findings and summarize what we were going to do to get her back to normal life again. I told...
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An All Natural Way to Reduce Inflammation

With dozens of known benefits, 11,416 scientific studies, and countless thousands of happy consumers, turmeric and its primary extract curcumin have been taking the natural health world by storm for years.  One of its most powerful (and appealing) properties is its ability to reduce inflammation.  Chronic inflammation is linked to nearly every disease or health condition.  It makes pain feel worse, it depletes energy and it sets the stage for accelerated aging.  Bottom line- it sucks! With herbs such as turmeric, we now have weapons we...
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