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Yale Researchers Discover A Way to Train Your Brain For Success

This past week I had the opportunity to help give a short lecture on a fascinating topic of psychology called automaticity, and I was teaching the concepts about it that were explained by a Yale University research review. (I've included the link below in case you want to read it).  Automaticity, although somewhat of a foreign term, is one of those things that most of us sort of intrinsically know about, but have never really thought about or had explained to us. The reason we need...
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MRI Scans Show Which Mental Exercises Can Reduce Pain

I got a call the other day from a new client.  He and I had recently finished our initial evaluation and we were all set to begin working together next week. He had bad news. Early last week he was swinging a golf club and he suddenly felt a deep, sharp pain that brought him to his knees.  The pain was so bad that his friends had to literally carry him back to the cart. Since then he has been in constant agony. I advised him to go...
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Better Hip Rotation In Under 10 Minutes?

My son and I are about to digress into some overdue father-son time, but before we do I wanted to let you know that I invested some time today into recording a video that you may really like. It was on my agenda to do today because it will end up going with an article I'm writing for the April issue of Play Magazine, the areas leading sports and fitness magazine.  The publishers deadline is Tuesday and with things in the office being so busy I knew I...
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With Preparation Like This, He Can’t Help But Win All the Time

I have to tell you, I've been truly inspired by someone over the past week. This man has been surrounded by a great deal of controversy over the past few years and he definitely has a lot of critics.  Heck, I was even one of them.  For a multitude of reasons. However, after last Sunday, I now look at him very differently. Tom Brady, the New England Patriots Quarterback (with a lot of help from his defense, his receivers and his running backs) engineered the greatest comeback in...
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Exercise Less and Get Better Results? Study Says..

I'm just getting back from attending a day and a half meeting in Naples of a dozen or so of the most astute Exercise Scientists in the world.  We discussed and explored the most advanced ways to apply exercise to enhance the bodies level of physical performance.  All I can say is that my mind was absolutely blown.  Now our job is getting this message to the rest of the rehabilitative and performance exercise community because it is truly a game changer that can help so...
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New Studies Suggest You’ll Feel Less Slow If You Strengthen These

With many of us attempting to kick up our exercise regimens to ensure that we start 2017 off right, I felt it would be very helpful to share an article that my Canadian client Gino Scapillati sent me recently from his major hometown paper. The topic is the importance of building ankle strength and maintaining it as we age.  It suggests that because new bio-mechanical research has been done that has linked decreased ankle muscle strength and power to being slower and to having more inefficient...
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How To Avoid The New Years Curse

I hope you had a great time ringing in the new year. I spent last night gathered with dozens of good friends around a bonfire of Christmas trees enjoying some great company.  It was so much fun. Since today is the first day of a brand new year, I think it is only right for me to share with you the New Year's curse and how to avoid it. You see, this time of the year tends to bring with it a reflection on all you set...
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Can You Build Muscle and Strength After Age 70? Studies Say Yes!

At least once a week and often multiple times a day, I get asked a question about how much physical improvement can be gained through exercise after a certain age. Sadly, after the aging process kicks in and we start to see it speed up, we can get discouraged and start thinking were on a downward slope that will continue to get steeper and steeper no matter what we do or don't do. Thankfully this is not the case and some really evidence was recently published to...
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Want Healthier Neck and Shoulders? Do This,,,

Every now and then I get some pretty neat opportunities to share things I'm passionate about with a live audience.  A little over a month ago I had one of those opportunities. A woman named Elizabeth Gray, who owns a store called PH Botanical in downtown Sarasota emailed me over the summer after she saw an article that I wrote in Play Magazine and she asked me if she could hire me to teach a workshop at her store. She wanted some of her friends and clients...
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The Exercise Cure

I just read the most fascinating article I've seen in quite a while. It came from this week’s issue of Time Magazine and it is entitled: The Exercise Cure. It is pretty much a summation of some of the proven and documented physiological benefits of exercising the proper way and in the correct dosage. There are also interview excerpts from physicians of different disciplines who are weighing in how powerful exercise has been for their patients. The basic takeaway is that exercise is the best "medicine" for any...
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