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How to Defeat the Invisible Monster That Creates All Injuries

Things have been pretty crazy around the office lately, with a handful of new people trying to get in, snowbirds coming back and trying to juggle all the proverbial "balls" it's been tough getting my e-newsletter out when I wanted. Isn't this such a common occurrence in life?  You have great intentions to do something good but the busyness of life sometimes stifles you. This is no more prevalent than with exercise, which is the topic of today's article.  Pretty much everyone on the planet knows they need...
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We All Know This Is Good For Us But Could It Actually Be A Fountain of Youth??

What I've been talking about over the past several weeks are some things that really count when it comes to long term back health and today I will talk about another one of those things.  Do this right and your back (and the rest of your body) will be much happier and healthier. Todays topic is Back Health Strategy Number 3- Resistance Training. Resistance training makes up the foundation of nearly every exercise program that experts recommend for maintenance of health, whether it is mental health, heart health, muscle...
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Strategies For Back Health- Part 2: The 4 Letter Word Most Active People Hate

For the longest time, I was one that didn't really believe I needed a vacation.  I thought that because I love what I do and who I work with, just taking weekends off was enough.  I realized a few years ago that getting adequate rest from work and the "normal" daily routines was essential because it gave me the time I needed to clear my mind so I could have the ability to do what I did even better when I returned. This principle is the...
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Strategies For Improving Spinal Health- Part 1

While working with people over the past 9 years, I have seen many people with back issues. One commonality between all of them is that their quality of life has decreased substantially since their back problem has worsened.  Their activities become limited, they have to be very careful in everything that they do, and many of them are in constant pain. That is not a situation that I want to see anybody go through if there is anything that I can do to help them. Through a few...
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This Spice May Make 14 Prescription Drugs Obsolete, Including Anti-Inflammatories

My wife mentioned to me recently that she saw a very interesting article on the latest findings on the health benefits of the spice turmeric.  The findings have shown such positive effects on various health ailments, including inflammation that it is said that it could make at least 14 pharmaceutical drugs totally obsolete. I found these findings to be very interesting, so I wanted to share the article with you as well.  Here it is. You may have already heard about the many amazing healing properties of the...
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A “Miracle” Nutrient For Reducing Inflammation??

To continue our series on reducing inflammation, let me just give a quick recap of what we've covered so far by reviewing some of the key points from the previous newsletters. -Inflammation in the body is a major contributor to the formation and perpetuation of all diseases and painful physical ailments. -Your bodies Ph level is a good indicator of the level of inflammation in your body. -With a Ph testing strip that you can buy at most health food stores or online, you can measure your Ph...
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Most Americans Eat Way Too Much of This Inflammatory Food. Are You One Of Them?

Over the past month or so I've been focusing on the subject of inflammation- what it is, how to measure it and what to do to reduce it.  Inflammation in the body contributes to the advancement or perpetuation of every disease you can have- from orthopedic diseases like arthritis to heart disease to cancer and everything in between.  Because inflammation contributes to the perpetuation of many of the painful musculoskeletal issues that I help people overcome, I thought this would be an interesting and helpful...
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Avoid This More Than Anything To Reduce Inflammation

oday I want to talk about the food item that is contributing the most to acidity and inflammation in your body.  Before I do, let me tell you a few facts about this food item. -In 1822 the average American consumed roughly 9 grams of this food item every day -In 2012 that average was up to 153 grams per day, which equates to 130 pounds per year -This food item is completely devoid of any vitamins or minerals and holds no nutritional value whatsoever -This food item is...
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The First Step to Reducing Inflammation

Today I want to talk about the first critical step towards lowering your Ph and therefore lowering your level of inflammation- consuming alkaline water. The Ph scale is a scale that measures the acidity or alkalinity of something as compared to a neutral reference. The scale typically goes from 0-14 with 7.4 being deemed "neutral". When our body becomes acidic, it begins to display a Ph that is lower than the neutral point. When this happens, our body fights to keep the Ph at a neutral primarily...
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