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This Will Help Move You Closer to Where You Want to Be

Last night I did something fun.  Not fun in the "traditional sense" of the word, but something fun for the part of me that loves to dream exciting dreams, go on adventures, and experience newness in all areas of my life on a consistent basis. Last night I sat down and left my mind completely open to ideas of what I'd like to see happen in my life in 2019.  Any and every exciting and compelling idea was quickly written down and prayed over.  I got motivated...
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Want to Wake Up Excited Every Day? This Helps…

I sure do love this time of year, don't you? We're coming off of some beautiful holidays where we've celebrated some amazing miracles, and now we get to count down to the beginning of a new year.  So fun! Being that we are less than 36 hours from 2019, I would be remiss not to say something about New Years Resolutions.   Studies show that health related goals often top peoples list, and this year it should be no different. The act of making a resolution or a goal can change...
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Can 70 Really Be the New 40?

The other day I was at the gym and I happened to catch a few minutes of a news story on The Today Show.  It was fitting that I saw it while doing fitness training because the story was about exercise. The anchors were discussing a new study that showed that people in their 70's who have exercised regularly for decades have the heart, lung and muscle health of people in their 40's.  How cool is that?! Check out this article written about the study-  Read more

What to do About Forward Head Posture

Hey my friend!  I bet you're here because you read my article about Forward Head Posture (FHP) in the December issue of my newsletter.  I sent you here so that you could view some videos that will help you to better understand the dangers of FHP and how to improve it. First, check out this video.  It shows some different exercises you can do and some different habits you can implement to improve your FHP over time. Remember that postural exercises require more consistency than other exercises,...
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I Have a Confession to Make

The other night, as I do from time to time, I was reviewing some pages on my website.  As I was reading the page entitled "What Others Are Saying" (which is full of various clients' success stories from over the years), I had mixed feelings. Yes I'll admit, it was personally edifying to remind myself of these amazing (and in some cases miraculous) stories, but as I did I began thinking about what happened to some of those people after those comments were made....
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How to Keep An Attitude of Gratitude

Most of us have heard that being grateful is good for our mood and for our health.  Despite this knowledge, most of us struggle to stay grateful through all of life's situations.  Can you relate to that? The secret to gratitude is realizing that it is really nothing more than an attitude.  An attitude is "a settled way of thinking or feeling" and it is something that is very much changeable.  In order for our attitude to change though, we must first be willing to change...
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Saying This One Word Can Boost Your Mood By Up to 25%

I read an interesting article the other day about the power of gratitude, so in the spirit of Thanksgiving I figured I'd send it to you.  I've copied it below. "Thanks for reading this. Ah, that feels so good to say. And there’s a reason: It turns out that saying “thank you” (or simply “thanks”)—or expressing gratitude by any other means—can provide an immediate, gratifying, and even sustained boost of happiness. The research comes from Martin Seligman, Ph.D., the director of the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, and the author...
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What Should You Expect While Working With Us?

Nearly every month since 2011 I have published a newsletter and nearly every month I have featured the story of one of my clients who reached their goals by following our unique program.  The main reason I do this is to encourage others with similar problems that there is hope for them too.  The only downside to sharing these stories is that sometimes they lead people to think that they should have results that are just as quick and just as dramatic.  This may not...
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I Still Chuckle When I Think About This

Today as I sat down to write this newsletter, I remembered a story that I told a client this week that made me chuckle. In the summer of 2015, after many years of barely playing any basketball, I started to play with some friends a few times a week. Everything was going great until I started feeling my left knee getting over stressed. Because of where the pain was and how it felt, at one point I was concerned that I might be putting myself at risk for...
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1.4 Billion Adults Are At Risk Because of This

Earlier this afternoon my body was letting me know that my under active weekend was starting to take its toll.  Between the 5+ hours in the car yesterday, the standing around at my sons soccer game, and the 3 days away from the gym, I was definitely feeling the effects of my inactivity. You probably know what that feels like.  Your muscles feel stiff, your energy feels sluggish, and your brain feels less focused.  I hate feeling like that. I knew I had to do something, so after...
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