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How to Feel Less Tired and More Alert During the Day

It’s normal to have an occasional sluggish day, but if you’re staggering through life longing for a nap or looking for a bottomless coffee pot, it’s time to evaluate your habits and change those that are making you more tired during the day.

If your fatigue is new, accompanied by other symptoms, or so severe you can’t function normally, start with a visit to your doctor. You don't need to accept exhaustion as normal, especially if you have...

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Resilience: A Vital Trait For Success

What a few weeks it has been!  As you probably know, I am now a married man!  (woot-woot!) Here's one of the pics we've gotten back so far.  All I can say is God is good! 


We got married near Lancaster, PA, and after the wedding we spent 5 days in the northeast visiting sites of key events in America's history.  We went...

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Coming Soon: Genetically Altered…Beef

Hey my friend!  Happy Tuesday! 

I say happy, because I can rejoice even though I have some bad news.  The Food and Drug Administration has recently began opening the floodgates for beef to be on our plate that comes from cows whose DNA has been altered by a laboratory.   

Now, I realize that this is 2022 and this kind of news isn't all that shocking these days.  We've had genetically modified food legally sold to us since...

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A 51% Increase in Suicide Attempts!?

What a week it has been!  Our mission trip to Ft. Lauderdale truly was amazing!  Spring break down there is CRAZY though!  There were tens of thousands of college kids on the beach, and they were pretty much all drunk and trying to "hook up" with each other at all times.  I've never seen so many thongs in my entire life! LOL! 

It was amazing that even in that condition, so many were receptive to the gospel.  Thousands heard the good...

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CDC Director: “We Were Too Optimistic About COVID Vaccines”

In the past few weeks, as case numbers continue to fall and as the world remains fixated on the war in Ukraine, it seems as though governments and media are slowly releasing us from the "COVID fog" that we've been in for the past two years.  With cities and states removing mandates and lifting lockdown restrictions, the general consensus seems to be that for now, it's time to just move on. 

Given this change in overall attitude towards the disease,...

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4 Pharma Companies Pay $26B to Settle Lawsuits

Like many, much of my thought life and prayer life over the past week has been devoted to the situation unfolding in Ukraine.  Given that my future wife Sofiya spent her first 14 years in Donetsk, Ukraine (which was overtaken by Russia last Tuesday), the entire situation has become very personal to me. Sofiya has been getting reports from her friends and family on the ground, and so far, everyone is alive.  They even have full functioning internet, which is such a blessing.  Many...

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Biblical and Prophetic Meanings of 222…For US

Ever since I realized I got saved on 2/22 on the lunar Hebrew calendar (5/20/06 on the solar calendar), God has used this number combination to speak to me about many things. I'm noticing that He is speaking to others about this number sequence too. The most common tie in I've heard has to do with Isaiah 22:22, where God says, "I will place on his shoulders the key of David and what he opens no one will shut and what...

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From Near Fatal Car Wreck to Olympic Silver Medal

Every once in a while, I hear a story that really inspires me.  Usually, for me, those stories are about overcoming adversity, persevering through obstacles, and achieving what once seemed impossible.  By the grace of God, I've lived a few of those stories myself, so I have a real affinity for them. While watching the Olympics a few weeks ago, I heard one such story.  It was about US athlete Colby Stevenson, who competes in skiing.   

Colby was in a near...

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Super Bowl MVP: “God Showed Me We Would Win”

This past Sunday, 112.3 million people watched the L.A. Rams win the Super Bowl. It was the most watched television event in the last 5 years, mainly because it was such a close game. The Rams were down 20-16, and late in the fourth quarter they put together an amazing drive and scored the game winning touchdown with 1:25 left on the clock. I had no ties to either team, but it was so exciting that I was totally glued to the screen towards the end.