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CDC Director: “We Were Too Optimistic About COVID Vaccines”

In the past few weeks, as case numbers continue to fall and as the world remains fixated on the war in Ukraine, it seems as though governments and media are slowly releasing us from the “COVID fog” that we’ve been in for the past two years.  With cities and states removing mandates and lifting lockdown restrictions, the general consensus seems to be that for now, it’s time to just move on. 

Given this change in overall attitude towards the disease, I guess it was a good time for CDC Director Rochelle Walensky to finally say publicly what many of us have already thought privately- that the CDC was “too optimistic” about the power of the COVID shots.   She stated in her interview that not only were they too optimistic, but that they also exercised too little caution.  Furthermore, she essentially admitted that they got it wrong by not being able to predict that they wouldn’t work against other variants and that its protection would wane over time. 

Here is the clip of her comments, if you are interested- CDC Director: “Too Little Caution, Too Much Optimism With the COVID Shots” 

Here is the full interview- Full Interview With Rochelle Walensky 

Do you think she’s right?  Feel free to email me your thoughts.   

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