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Facebook Censored Me For Sharing This..

This has been an interesting week to say the least.

On Monday night around 11 o’clock, I saw that a friend had posted a video on Facebook that looked very intriguing. The video was of a group of doctors having a press conference in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building. The description said that they were going to address some the misinformation that has been spreading about COVID-19.

Even though it was late and I was about to go to bed, I decided to watch for a few minutes to see what it was all about. It was so interesting that I stayed up for 45 more minutes so I could watch the entire thing.

The doctors were from all over the country and they addressed a range of topics. I thought the information was so helpful, so hopeful, and so amazingly eye opening, that before I went to bed I shared it on my Facebook page. By 12 p.m. on Tuesday however, my post had been censored.

It wasn’t just me though, they did this to everyone. After the video went viral and was viewed over 14 million times, it was banned. Now it can no longer be found on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. But, you’re in luck, because I have a “secret” link below where you can view it.

Click here- America’s Frontline Doctors Dispel Misinformation About COVID-19

So, here was the big controversy.

In the video there is an African doctor based in Houston who says that she has treated over 350 COVID-19 patients of all ages and health conditions and THEY ALL LIVED. She said the “magic bullet” was a combination of two generic prescription medications and the mineral zinc. She went on to say that her and her staff see 10-15 COVID-19 patients per day while wearing only surgical masks and none of them have gotten the virus. The doctor said that the “magic bullet” for that is not a vaccine, but a 200 mg tablet of one of these same medications taken a few times per month.

She very passionately declared that this drug is, in her experience, both a cure and a preventative for COVID-19

After the video was banned, articles started floating around the internet about this woman- Dr. Stella Immanuel, M.D., that sought to discredit her and her claims. On Thursday, a Houston reporter went to her clinic to ask her about these accusations. Oh my goodness, she did not back down one inch. She doubled down on her claims and passionately declared that she will not let people die by being bullied into shutting up.

Check out that interview here- Dr. Immanuel Answers Her Critics

Stuff like this really makes you wonder doesn’t it? Is this woman telling the truth? Was she paid to make this up? Let me weigh in on that if I may.

The business of medicine is very interesting. Patents are really what ensure major financial gains, and if you have one on your drug, you are guaranteed to be the only one who can legally sell it for a full 20 years. Once a drug passes the 20 year mark, any company can make and sell it as a generic drug, usually for a tiny fraction of what it cost before.

On that note, those that promote generic drugs like these will not have much financial incentive to do so. Knowing this, I’ve tried to play devil’s advocate to come up with a logical reason why this woman would risk losing her license and being publicly ostracized, other than for the reason she claims- to save lives and refute lies, and I honestly can’t find one.

I share it with you so you can draw your own conclusions as well.



A while back I wrote about how the study in the major medical journal The Lancet, that showed one of these drugs was unsafe and ineffective, had to be retracted because none of the data could be corroborated.

If you want to read that, click here- Major Medical Journal Retracts COVID-19 Drug Study

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