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Media Coverage

Over the years, God has blessed me tremendously with opportunities to share my messages with large local audiences through television, radio and newspaper.  It’s not always easy to communicate under the pressure of an interview, but I felt like I got better as I did more of them.

Each one went into slightly different directions, so you may find that certain interviews resonate with you more than others.  Check them out if you’re considering coming in for a consultation.

This is an interview I did for a weekly wellness show called Health Matters on WTTA channel 38 in Tampa.  I talk about how our muscles protect us from injuries.



This is an interview I did with ABC 7 News in Sarasota.  It shows me working with Pittsburgh Pirates Catcher and 4-time MLB All Star Russell Martin.  This is the interview that people see and think I’m “Mr. Bigshot.”  I’d say that it proves that good editing really can help someone look cooler than they are!



This is an interview I did for a show called Thriving on the Suncoast.  In this interview, I go in depth into how injuries form, what muscles do, how improving muscles can make you heal faster, and the specific process I use to help people get better.  Very informative and worth the time if you are wondering whether what I do can help you.



I had to throw this in here. This was my first ever television appearance. I was 17 years old and I was being interviewed for SNN News about what it’s like to have cancer and go through chemotherapy. Circa 1999.


This link will take you to an interview I did with Hedi Godman for the show Health Check on WSRQ Radio.   http://sarasotatalkradio.com/2015/04/health-check-april-22nd-2015/

I learned from this experience that my ability to explain what I do is somewhat limited by not having any visual aids.  However, Heidi is a master interviewer and she asked me questions that nobody had asked in my television interviews.  I’d say its worth listening to if you’re considering coming in for a consultation.



This link will take you to a second interview I did with Hedi Godman, also for Health Check on WSRQ Radio. In this interview, I also got to bring on two of my clients so they could share their stories.  http://sarasotatalkradio.com/2016/07/health-check-july-1st-2016/

The two I brought on are a husband and wife that are an absolute riot.  If you think you might want to come in for a consultation, than hearing their story would be a great thing for you to do.



Here is an article The East County Observer did on my work with some of The Pittsbugh Pirates MLB players during Spring Training. Its very cool to hear a professional athletes perspective on why they feel the work I do is so important.




Since 2013, I’ve had the honor of writing regular columns in Play Sarasota Magazine (formerly called Totally Tennis Magazine).  You can access the old issues through this link- http://www.playsarasotamag.com/media-guide/

All my articles are written for people who exercise and/or play sports and want to improve performance or prevent injury.  If that’s you, I invite you to check them out.



Hopefully you found this information helpful.  If you think it’d be worth speaking with me I encourage you to go to the contact page and request a phone consultation.  Blessings!