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Millions and millions of people are suffering with joint pains, arthritis, back and neck problems, recurring injuries and dozens of other problems affecting the tissue in this part of our body.  The odd thing about this is that even though these problems are getting worse and more prevalent there has been very little change to the fundamental methods used and recommended by doctors and therapists to help people improve this area of their body and prevent such problems.  This begs the question “what are they missing?”

Through his study of Muscle Activation Techniques, Chris Vercelli has been fortunate to have discovered a hidden root issue that creates these types of problems and by addressing it in his clients he has been able to help hundreds of people overcome and prevent such problems.  Because of his expertise, he has been sought out by people who weren’t getting the answers they needed from anyone else.  This has included everyone from seniors dependent on walkers to top professional athletes making millions of dollars per year.

Chris has been very blessed to have lectured at The Florida College of Natural Health and be their Keynote Speaker at their 2008 graduation ceremony.  He has written a powerful and eye opening book on muscular health called “Improve Muscles-Improve Life” which is available on amazon.com, he has been featured in multiple local print media outlets including The Bradenton Herald, The East County Observer and Totally Tennis Magazine and he has been featured on ABC 7 News, Health Matters with Jenn Holloway, Thriving on the Suncoast on SNN and Health Check on WSRQ Radio.  He has been a keynote speaker at health expos and conducted his own seminars and he regularly writes articles and creates informative videos for his print and online newsletter which is read by over 240 people.


Chris’ first television appearance.  Being interviewed for SNN News about what it is like to have cancer and go through chemotherapy.  Circa 1999.



Chris being interviewed for the weekly show Health Matters with Jenn Holloway.


Chris being interviewed on ABC 7 News with All Star Catcher client Russell Martin.


Chris being interviewed for Thriving on the Suncoast on SNN.


Chris being interviewed on Health Check on WSRQ Radio




An article on Chris’ work with the Pittsburgh Pirates MLB baseball team