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My BIG Announcement Part 3…

At around 7pm that evening I got a text from the woman who gave her life to Jesus on Friday night, and she told me that she had just gotten back to Miami. She said that her brother was at her house visiting and that she told him what had happened in Sarasota. She said he REALLY wanted to speak to me, so I called her right away.

I got on the phone with him, and he said “BROTHER! I heard about what happened with my sister in Sarasota. That is so awesome! I’m a pastor in the Miami area and I want you to come to my city and do one of these outreaches here with a team from my church. Will you do that?”

I was stunned. This kind of thing almost never happens, and it was the clearest sign I could have gotten that God was confirming the prophetic word and the vision I had just had. And so cool that it happened on Valentine’s Day! I told him that when the time comes, I absolutely would. We then talked for a while, prayed for each other and then hung up.

The next day I called my GM and told him the news and the story, and he was blown away. He said, “that has to be God! I’m excited for you! I’ll do what I can to help make this a smooth transition.”

One week later I made the official announcement to all my clients and readers, and I was amazed at the kinds of responses I got. People told me that what I was doing was such an inspiration to them and that it made them want to get closer to God. It honestly felt like it set off a little revival in my practice! Here’s the announcement:

The Biggest Business Announcement I’ve Ever Made (nonfictionfitness.com)

Over the next few months, everything fell into place. I got confirmation from my friend and fellow MAT Specialist that he would be moving here to work with me and take the new clients, I was given the contract I wanted with the club, some friends of mine gave huge donations so I could buy a van, and I even had the best month of my entire 16-year career two months before I stopped taking new clients.

I made the transition on July 29th, (the 10-year anniversary of starting my practice) and after a 9-day trip to New York City with my son, I set out on my first statewide mission trip. Guess who I partnered with for the very first outreach? The pastor from Miami!

On August 8th, had an outreach on South Beach, praising, preaching and rapping (yes rapping) for Jesus and it was amazing! From there I did solo outreaches in Ft. Lauderdale and Boca Raton and came back after 5 epic days on the road. A week after I got back, we launched our 3rd outreach location in this area- at Riverwalk in Bradenton, and we started meeting there on Sunday nights. Although I was clearly seeing God’s expansion plan at work in my local area, I wasn’t quite sure what he wanted me to do regarding the other cities. I knew that if I wanted to have praise and worship music along with my preaching, I would have to go with one of my musician friends or wait until I linked up with musicians and singers in the other cities, which is what I was expecting to do.

However, God had another plan. He had been preparing a partner for me all along.

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