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The Hottest Devices In Home Fitness

During the pandemic lockdowns when most gyms across the country were closed, many people turned to home workouts to keep themselves active. One online home exercise company, Peloton, even saw its monthly visits go up by 500% between March and November!

This trend led to Fitness Tech startups raising $2.3 Billion in 2020, which was 30% higher than in 2019.

Much of the new technologies have been focused on improving health and fitness “wearables”, which are hi-tech health monitors worn outside the body. These devices can monitor sleep, heart rate, calorie burn, body temperature, and many other aspects of bodily function.

According to a new article in Business Insider, these things are the hottest devices in home fitness. Not only are people able to reach health goals faster while using them, but many even report a near addiction to knowing their data! And, in some circles, they are even becoming status symbols!

Read more about it here- How Wearables Change the Way We Eat, Sleep, Exercise and Drink Alcohol

Also, I want to report some more good news regarding my transition!

I spoke to my good friend and fellow practitioner Aaron Nikou on Wednesday, and he said that he is for sure moving to Lakewood Ranch this summer and he will be working alongside me once he arrives. This is a huge answer to prayer!

Aaron is an amazing guy. He’s about my age, he’s married with 4 kids, he was a Big Ten college tennis player, and he had his own MAT/progressive exercise practice in Indiana for close to 15 years. He is a very authentic, very smart and very wise man. He’s also fun to hang out with!

Having him with me during and after my transition will allow me to go to part time and still have an option for the people who I no longer have the time to see. It will also keep the door open to new people coming in, which will be such a blessing for everyone.

I’ll keep you posted as more develops! Thank you again for your prayers and support! It means so much!


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