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Coming Soon: Genetically Altered…Beef

Hey my friend!  Happy Tuesday! 

I say happy, because I can rejoice even though I have some bad news.  The Food and Drug Administration has recently began opening the floodgates for beef to be on our plate that comes from cows whose DNA has been altered by a laboratory.   

Now, I realize that this is 2022 and this kind of news isn’t all that shocking these days.  We’ve had genetically modified food legally sold to us since 1994 and we just lived through 2 years of hearing that injecting ourselves with something that causes our DNA to change what cells it produces is not only good but necessary.   So…I guess at this point genetically altered beef kinda seems like the logical next step for those whose goal it is to manipulate nature for the sake of money and power.    

Money because as a result of a 5-4 vote in a landmark supreme court case in 1980 called Diamond v. Chakrabaty, any living organism that has been manipulated by a lab and become something that is NOT found in nature, can be patented and owned by the individual or company who did the manipulating. 

You can read about that case here- Diamond v. Chakrabaty 

Prior to this case, nobody was allowed to have this level of ownership over any living organism.  Now patents are filed constantly for all kinds of genetically altered organisms, and patents typically last for nearly 20 years. 

Imagine this scenario- what if we got to a point in society where everything in “nature” (plants, animals, fish, etc.) was all owned by corporations and therefore couldn’t be grown or raised without those corporations’ consent?  This hasn’t happened yet, but many organic, non-genetically altered (non-patented) crops are already pretty hard to find in certain places.   

This also speaks to the power drive.  If you can control a large portion of the food supply, you by default have tremendous power to wield over society.  I can just say the name “Monsanto”, and you will likely have a gut check that tells you what these corporations will do with this kind of power. 

So anyway, all this to say- please be cautious when accepting any genetic alteration to yourself or to your food.  These organisms have been shown in independent, non-biotech funded studies, to cause SERIOUS health problems over time. God made nature the way He did for a reason. 

Read more about those “franken-cows” here- FDA Approves the First Gene Edited Cows For Beef 

Yours in truth and love,

P.S. Although some are not, many organic, non-genetically modified foods are available in most grocery stores.  I encourage you to make the extra investment in your health and choose those options over the genetically modified alternatives.  It will definitely pay off over time.  

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