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I Got REALLY Angry When I Read This…

After all the weeks of happy, fun and exciting news, a headline like this is probably surprising. However, I read something very infuriating the other day about the pandemic and I had to publicly comment on it. Before I tell you about it though, let me first share a story with you that will help you understand my reaction.

It was the spring 2015 and I was working with a Meadows Club member named Don, who is now deceased. Don was in his late 80’s and had been retired for many years. In his working days, Don ran a large family business that packaged various items for retail sale. One day during our session, Don told me the most fascinating story about something that happened in his business.

He said that one day he got a call from a man named James Schlatter, whom he had gone to college with. James was a chemist, and was working for the chemical company G.D. Searle. James told Don that while working on something unrelated, he accidentally invented a substance that had no calories and was many times sweeter than sugar.

“What do you call this substance?” Don asked.

“Aspartame” James said.

During the call, James and Don discussed what they might do together once he was able to sell this substance on the market. Little did they know that individual packets of it (usually in blue packaging), would one day be on restaurant tables, in gas stations, and on grocery store shelves all over the world. Not to mention in nearly every “diet” drink on the market.

“When do you think we’ll be able to start?” Don asked.

“As soon as we finish up the safety trials.” James said.

After this conversation, Don told me that he and James didn’t talk again for a long time. Since Don had more than enough work, he just went on with his business and didn’t think too much about the aspartame opportunity again.

Then, a few years later, Don was at a college reunion and he ran into James. Quickly, the conversation turned to aspartame and Don asked him “what ever happened to that substance you were wanting me to package for you?”

I’ll NEVER forget what Don told me James said to him in answer to that question.

James said “well….we’ve run into some problems with our safety trials..”

“What kind of problems?” Don asked.

After a brief pause James said “THE RATS KEEP DYING.”

“Oh wow! What are you going to do about it?” Don asked.

James said to him “we have someone coming in to power soon that will help us.”

The person James was referring to was G.D. Searle’s CEO. This man (whose name you’d recognize) was part of the Presidential transition team that helped install a new head of the FDA in 1981. This new leader of the FDA went on to make aspartame legal for sale in July 1981, despite the mountains of evidence that it can severely harm human health.

After Don told me about his conversations with his friend, I asked him if he ended up packaging it for him. He told me, “yes, but I never had the guts to touch the stuff.”

Why do I tell you that story?

It’s because we are living in a world right now full of people yelling the word “SCIENCE!!!!”

All people have to do nowadays to get people to believe something is say “the science tells us we should…..”

But, as my story proves, sometimes true science doesn’t actually win in the real world. Sometimes it dies on a bed of corruption and greed at the hands of those who get to decide which “science” we pay attention to which science we throw away.

My questions for anyone claiming “the science says…” are, who is performing, observing, recording, analyzing and interpreting the experiments that are leading to these assumptions? Who is over seeing them in these endeavors? Who is overseeing those overseeing them? And, most importantly, who stands to gain from this “science” and is there evidence of potential bias towards these entities/individuals?

Usually the answers to these questions uncover all the dirt that is there to uncover. If there is any.

In case you missed it, in my article “Science Gone Wild”, I wrote about 5 different things that were said to be “scientifically proven” to be safe but were actually VERY UNSAFE. Sadly, history just keeps on repeating itself.

Check it out by clicking here- Science Gone Wild (By LYING!)

So, that brings me to what I read this week that was so infuriating. It was an article from our local paper entitled “The Evangelical Threat to Herd Immunity.”

The entire thing is essentially a hit piece, aimed at making Christians look bad. In fact, in the second paragraph they make a blatantly false statement intended to set up the rest of their blatantly false argument:

“In the late 18th and early 19th century, evangelicalism was born as a revolt against the elites..”

Now, let me just stop right there and say that this is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever heard. For the record, “evangelicalism”, or the practice of sharing the Christian faith, was not born out of a revolt against the elites. It was born out of the plan of God to use human beings to reach the world with the message that anyone could be forgiven for their sin and receive eternal life in heaven through faith in Jesus.

In Mark 16:15 Jesus told His disciples- “go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” That mission officially began 50 days after Jesus’ resurrection, and 10 days after He ascended to heaven. It did not start in the 18th and 19th century as the author claims.

After this lie, the article goes on to say that the reason Christians won’t get the vaccine is because we don’t believe in science. This is also blatantly false.

I can’t speak for all Christians, but I love science. I have a biological science degree and I’ve taken classes specifically on how to conduct scientific research and write papers on the findings. In 2016, I even did my own scientific study on correlations between lower back pain and hip muscle weakness. Contrary to what this author says, I have no issues with true science.

The real reason for my reluctance is that the science I’ve seen so far does not give me confidence that my risk from the virus is greater than my risk from the vaccine. Therefore, I am not getting one until I see something that makes me believe otherwise.

Let me finish this rant by saying that by me sharing this, I am in no way telling you what to do. Maybe you’ve come to a conclusion that for you, the risk of the virus is greater than the risk of the vaccine. I totally understand if that’s the case. Maybe you even got one already. If so I have NO ill feelings about you for doing so. I simply share all this because you deserve to know that articles like this are flat out wrong. I don’t think it’ll be the last one like this that we will see either.

One last thing I will leave you with is an article by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Robert is a lawyer and he has spent much of his career holding vaccine makers accountable for false claims and for injuries caused by their products. He has a team of doctors and scientists that are part of his organization, and he recently wrote a letter to Joe Biden explaining what he believes is the number 1 reason for vaccine hesitancy- a mistrust of regulators.

Read it by clicking here- RFK’s Letter To Joe Biden Re: Vaccines

Thank you for letting me be so transparent with you today. I know it is a topic with much controversy and disagreement, so I do appreciate the opportunity to speak openly with you about it as a friend.

Lots of love and blessings to you!


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