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My Big Announcement Part 2..

The worship gathering on Azusa Street was amazing, and what happened to me was totally supernatural. Ever since then I have had an insatiable urge to preach the gospel. I don’t care anymore at all about the cost of time, energy or money that it would take to do it, I just want to do it everywhere I can, no matter what. Although I was always passionate about the mission and was always consistently preaching twice a week every week, this new level of zeal made me want to do it even more.

During the month of January, I sought the Lord about when and how He wanted me to do this, and in early February I was suddenly faced with a deadline to decide. I had a meeting with The Meadows GM on Thursday February 11th, and he made it quite clear that I was going to need to begin paying more for my office space. I told him that I was considering going to part time to focus more on the ministry, and although he was very supportive of the idea, he told me that I needed to make a final decision by Monday.

After I left, I prayed for God to give me very clear and very quick confirmation.

The next day we were at Bayfront Park having our Friday night outreach and a woman and her daughter came up and sat down near us. They stayed for the entire meeting, they heard the messages and the songs, and they joined us for the time of prayer that followed. When the mom began to pray, I was stunned.

“God I’m so sorry! God, please forgive me! God I want to come back to You! God please help me!” she was screaming as tears rolled down her face. She went on like that for several minutes and I could tell she was having a real “come to Jesus” moment.

Afterwards we talked to them, and I found out that although they were from a Christian family, they had both been very far from God. Both of them gave their lives back to Jesus at the park that night and they both said that coming across our meeting and having that encounter with Jesus was the greatest blessing they could have asked for. The crazy thing was that they were from Miami and were only in Sarasota for a weekend vacation. They came to the park that night to see the kissing statue and ended up meeting Jesus. What an amazing miracle it was to witness!

After this I definitely felt like God was speaking to me and giving me confirmation about how important this work is and how He wants me to do more of it, but, like Gideon with his fleeces, I wanted even more confirmation.

That Sunday (Valentine’s Day), I spent most of the morning on a prayer walk asking God to make His will clear to me. I knew I needed to give my GM an answer the next day so there was definitely some urgency in my prayers. As I prayed, I kept having these visions of going city to city all across Florida and preaching the gospel. I felt like God was saying that He had a special plan for the state of Florida and a special assignment for me to spark a modern day “Great Awakening” throughout the state.

He began to show me that I would partner with people and ministries in different cities all through the state. He told me that once they participated in the bold public outreach with worship and preaching, that they will want to carry them on after I leave. This vision excited me so much that I was already convinced that this is what I should do.

Thankfully though, because God wants to leave no door open to future doubt, He sent one more confirmation.

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