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This Could Be the Key to having More Energy

Hey!  I hope you’re having a great day!

Have you ever had one of those days where something happens that makes you think that you should change something about your life?  Last Sunday was one of those days for me.

For the second day in a row I had played basketball and for the second day in a row I felt like I just didn’t have enough endurance to keep up at a competitive level throughout the entire string of games.  The weeks prior to this I had also been feeling a little more tired when I woke up, a little less motivated and just overall kind of sluggish.  I knew something wasn’t right.

Sunday night also happened to be the final of the mens U.S. Open tournament where Roger Federer squared off against Novak Djokavic.  Now although I’m not the biggest follower of tennis, I do love to watch the best players in the world compete against each other.  It truly is exciting.

In analyzing the play of both competitors it was very evident that as the match went on, Djokavic seemed to get less tired and play even harder.  I’ve noticed this about him before but because of the things that had been happening to me with regards to my energy levels, this time I really took notice.

I started doing some research on Djokavic and I found out some pretty interesting things.

Not so many years ago Djokavic was a struggling up and coming professional tennis player that was known for getting unusually fatigued on the court.  Federer at one point even called his play “a joke.”

In searching for a solution to this he went through coaching and training changes with no success. That’s when a physician had determined that he had a gluten sensitivity and should eliminate it from his diet. This change marked the turning point of Djokavic’s career.  He soon became a dominant presence in the tennis world and took over the number one position, a position that he has maintained for multiple years.

Check out this article to read about his fascinating journey- click here

Although statistically only 1 in 133 people have celiac disease, which causes a severe reaction to any gluten consumption, it is theorized that nearly 30-50% of the population could have a sensitivity to it.   Because gluten sensitivity is very difficult to accurately test for, it often goes undiagnosed.

The effects of gluten sensitivity can vary person to person but they can include things like brain fog, joint pain, skin disorders, depression, digestive problems, low energy and much more.

My own personal experience with cutting out gluten has been very positive so far.  After only a week I have more energy both during the day and during exercise, less activity induced soreness, less desire to overeat or eat junk, and less digestive disturbance.

If you have a desire to improve your health, your energy or just how you feel overall, my recommendation is to give gluten free a try.  It usually takes a few weeks to notice the full effects but you may notice changes even sooner.

Here is a listing of many common foods with gluten and without gluten.  Click here

Keep me posted and let me know how it goes.

To your health!



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