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Thousands Report COVID Vaccine Injuries In December

Given that we live in the age of corporate news media, we rarely hear stories that are not favorable to their biggest advertisers. And, as advertisers go, Big Pharma is by far one of the biggest. That is probably why you didn’t hear about the thousands of vaccine injuries that have already been reported in just the first month of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

One of the vaccine injury databases is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). VAERS relies on self reported incidents from those who got the vaccine, or if the person died from the vaccine, a family member or caregiver. VAERS has been shown in prior studies to represent as little as 1% of the actual adverse events. Even so, 3,916 vaccine injuries have been reported in just the month of December.

These injuries range from severe allergic reactions to hospitalizations to permanent disabilities and even death.

I thank God for Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who is one of the leading vaccine safety advocates in the nation. He publishes a blog where he shares these data that we are not getting from newspapers or from television. Here is an article he and his team wrote about these injury reports:

Click here- Thousands of Vaccine Injuries and 13 Deaths Reported In December

The CDC also has a vaccine injury self reporting system called V Safe. It allows the recipient to report an incident through a cell phone app. This database collected 5,052 injury reports in just five days.

Here is the CDC report on the current V Safe numbers (listed on page 6)- V Safe Vaccine Injury Reports

Even though I am not against vaccines conceptually, and even though I am aware that some vaccines have helped people in the past, that has no bearing on whether I think these experimental vaccines are less risky than COVID-19 itself. So far the data doesn’t make me think so.

If you were my mom or my dad or my brother or my sister, I’d say wait 6 months and see what happens. If you already got it, I’m praying that you have no long term side effects.

I hope you have a great week! Talk to you again soon!

Yours in (unpopular) truth,


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