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Why I Had a Needle In My Arm Last Week…

This past week I was very blessed to reconnect with a good friend and colleague of mine Dr. Chris Davis M.D. Chris is truly one of my healthcare heroes because of his radical commitment to his patients’ well being. Chris also has a pretty unique story.

After being trained at Johns Hopkins and being bestowed the honor of Chief Medical Resident, Chris began a medical practice in Bradenton that became enormously successful. But, after over 10 years of practicing conventional medicine, Chris realized that the conventional approach wasn’t serving his patients well enough so he completely changed gears.

He later opened a holistic health practice and now his focus is on helping people get healthier overall so their bodies’ can better heal themselves. In other words, he gave up the easy money in favor of helping his patients’ much more profoundly. For that (and many other reasons) I have tremendous respect for him.

This past week Chris was gracious enough to give me a very nice private office in his building to work from, which has been fantastic. As you can imagine, when we’re together we love to talk “shop” and during one of our conversations he told me about studies currently being done on the effectiveness of high dose Vitamin C on coronavirus patients.

Apparently there have been several articles such as this one from the UK –Vitamin C Use in Coronavirus Patients on this topic and it looks very promising.(In fact, in this article a spokesman for the largest hospital group in New York is quoted saying that the patients using it are doing “significantly better” than those who are not.)While talking, he also explained to me how Vitamin C improves immune system health, which can also help protect against getting a disease.

He told me that the reason more people don’t see those effects from it is because oral Vitamin C doesn’t get into your bloodstream very well. He said that intravenous nutrient therapy is the way to go and that’s what he does with his patients.Intrigued, I asked him if I could receive a dose for myself and he graciously obliged. 

We also decided to record a video of us talking about it so I could share the information with you as well. If you’re like me, you’re looking for as many ways as possible to boost your immunity right now so check out our interview and seriously consider giving his IV nutrient therapies a try. You do them about once a month and they are very simple. I actually sort of enjoyed it!

Watch the video by clicking here- Interview With Dr. Chris Davis M.D.

Stay healthy! God bless!


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